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Rachel Baran  is an extraordinarily talented U.S.-based photographer who creates amazing surreal and conceptual portraits that thousands of people have fallen in love with. And she’s only 20 years old.

One of the best things about Baran’s work is that it’s constantly evolving and growing. As such a young photographer, she’s still trying out different styles and inspirations. Some of her images are dark, introverted and full of suffering, while others encapsulate the young and artistic photographer’s youth and joy. What’s most important, however, is that all of them are creative and very well-done. 

Baran experiments with different methods for creating her photos as well. Some are simply manipulated in Photoshop while others are created by combining multiple photographs. Best of all, Baran posts images on her Facebook breaking down the creative process behind some of her more complex photographs, showing us what different images went into the creation of her final picture.     via

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The House reflecting Ripples, Tsukubamirai, Japan by Kichi Architectural Design | via

The river banks to which the site of the house overlooks is among the prominent spots of Ibargi Prefecture, renowned for their cherry blossoms. In designing the house, I attached great importance to its relationship with the cherry blossoms.

The facade which consists of three white outer walls, is suggestive of triple ripples on the surface of the river. It is a house that enables its residents to live closely with the cherry trees which manifest all kinds of expressions with the changing of the seasons in Japan.

Based on the shape of the site, one that stretches in a narrow strip toward the cherry trees, I I conceived the shape of the house , a U-shaped one, so that every one of its rooms would fully benefit from the light.

Photography: Ippei Shinzawa

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Abstract Cities | Cvetelina Todorova

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Photography Logos by Tom Anders.

Download the full editable files here:

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Mircea Cantor: Epic Fountain, 2012

24 k gold plated safety pins
314 cm high x 21 cm large

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Triumph Thruxton special
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Triumph Thruxton special

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Maxhedron is a study in material transformation through light and reflection. When off, the pieces mirrored surface gives it a mercurial quality, being present yet at the same time absent as it disappears reflecting its surroundings. The second phase of transformation occurs when Maxhedron is turned on — what was a solid surface becomes translucent revealing mirrored lamps that create an infinite, inner constelation.